Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#24 Being Stoked!!!

Few things personify the surfing spirit like the feeling of being “stoked”!  Born out of 1960’s beach blanket bingo swagger, being “stoked” is the ultimate high and form of ecstatic expression amongst surfers the world over.  It’s that highly sought after Zen state of surfer nirvana where scoring epic waves or relishing in a positive set of circumstances envelops the surfer with waves of euphoria and shit eating perma-grins.   Being “stoked” is that fuzzy feeling of exhilaration and insatiable rush of endorphins one gets from screaming down the face of a wave and getting barreled, it’s that loving bond you develop after getting a new surfboard, the adventure you get from taking a surf trip, or just getting it good on the dawn patrol with uncrowded surf.  Being “stoked” is a state of mind that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.  Get out there and get some!  There’s an infinite supply around the next corner if you’re only willing to look!

The word “stoked” is by far one of surfing’s most popular adjectives.  “Dude, I’m stoked!”, “We’re so stoked!”, “You’re STOKED!!!” are all in a days work for the modern day surfer.  Hang around with surfers long enough and you will undoubtedly bear witness to its use as one of surfing’s most prolific everyday surf lingo vernacular.  It’s a word that knows no bounds, especially when spending time with those who like to brag about scoring epic surf, watching copious amounts of Fuel TV, or if you happen to find yourself hanging out at surf industry functions like the Surfer Poll Awards, ASR (serious bro-down), or a WCT winner’s podium in which case you will hear a lot of it!   It’s moments like these where you could probably get drunk off your face if you decided to play drinking games every time a surfer uttered the word.  Nevertheless, being “stoked” is nothing to be ashamed of but rather embraced.  It’s a celebration of good times, great waves, and the recognition of the many ways the surfing lifestyle enhances our daily lives.  It’s there for us like a shield to protect us from all the clueless naysayers trying to bring the surfer dude down.  Being “stoked” like surfing is more than just a word but a way of life.  Be stoked that you’re a surfer and know the difference.  Keep the stoke alive!

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