Saturday, March 26, 2011

#36 "Just Getting Wet"

Within the colorful world of surf speak lingo, there’s a popular catch phrase that every surfer seems to say at one time or another.  It’s the go-to vernacular to use when rationalizing your decision to paddle out in crappy, less than appealing surf conditions. You’ve probably heard it before mentioned casually in passing when checking the waves or even muttered it yourself before paddling out in gutless slop.  It’s a filler statement that surfers’ can’t help but proclaim in times of surf drought despair.  Common usage often falls in line with the following examples; i.e.- “the waves suck, but I haven’t surfed in weeks so I’m just gonna get wet or “ever since I got this new surfboard it’s been like a lake out there. I’m just gonna get wet and charge it anyways”.  It’s a win-win situation in most cases to say this cliché phrase because you get to go surfing and still save face (a.k.a.- protecting your valuable “one hot shreddah” street cred stylo) (see North Shore).  The downside of failing to utter these magical words puts one at risk of social heckling or Wilbur Kookmeyer finger pointing from the accompanying bro pack. The beauty of the “I’m just gonna get wet” mantra is that surf session expectations are already set so extremely low that any upside is met with heightened appreciation.  It’s a dose of glass half full optimism that maybe, just maybe a rogue wave from somewhere down unda’ will miraculously appear on the horizon and willfully peak up directly in front of you for a perfect 10 point ride (keep dreaming!!). This in turn will enable you to brag about scoring “epic” (ok, let’s be honest - rideable at best) surf to all the naysayers that missed out by not making the decision to “just get wet”.  Some key things to remember when uttering the “I’m just gonna get wet” credo is that it’s best not to be used on a regular basis as this could be a telltale sign that the surfer is either a) in dire need of a surf trip, b) desperately needs to move someplace with actual waves, or c) they have become completely delusional in which case there is no coming back! In summation, when opting for this popular surfer catch phrase, use it sparingly, but when you do decide to “just get wet”, own it with no regrets! Who knows? It might just be better than you thought it would be. A definite reason in our book to "Just Get Wet"!

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