Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#30 The Car Key Stash Pocket

It’s a promising day of surf as the surfer rolls up to their favorite spot in their trusty surf vehicle.  After a brief wave check it’s affirmative that the waves are going off!!  Nothing left to do now but quickly change in public, wax up the board, and paddle out for yet another epic surf session.  Just one lingering detail to figure out, a BIG one in fact – Where to put the car keys?  It’s a question that has perplexed the surfing community for decades now as we continually look for better ways to safeguard our personal possessions and surf vehicles from would be thieves.  It’s a fact that cannot be denied – Surfers are notorious targets for surf vehicle robbery.  While we bob and float far out to sea oblivious to what may be happening back on shore to our ride, opportunistic and predatory crooks have full reign to take advantage of the easy pickings like a flock of rabid seagulls on an all out feeding frenzy. The simplest solution to all of this lies in a subtle, yet highly effective add-on component commonly fabricated into the back or leg panel of wetsuits, board shorts (more secure with a zippered pocket), and leashes.

Better known as the “Car Key Stash Pocket”, this little gem devised by the surf industry provides us surfers with the reassuring piece of mind that our keys are safe and secure with us and not in the hands of some credit card stealing, identity theft perpetrating, vehicle joyriding kook (see this story).  It’s a lifesaver that takes the guessing game out of the equation unlike other surfers whom would rather roll the dice with their peek a boo, I see you Hide-a-Key under the bumper routine, car keys stowed in the captain obvious gas cap gig, or the always popular “let’s bring all of our worldly possessions down to the beach” in an unattended grab bag “free for all” special.  It must be mentioned that in addition to the Car Key Stash Pocket, a healthy dose of common sense goes a long way in protecting assets (i.e.- don’t leave valuables in the vehicle or expensive items showcased on the dashboard of the vehicle like a voluptuous window display at Victoria Secrets screaming “take me Big Boy!”)  For other surfers who have not adopted the genius of the Car Key Stash Pocket or are wary to do so (microchip in key & salt water = bad) there are other options available on the market (albeit pricier & perhaps a bit flaunting = “come try & break into me”) such as the Hitch Safe Key Vault if you have a truck or the Australian Surf Lock product which can be attached to any vehicle.  Just don’t go forgetting the key code or you might be left out in the cold shivering in yer booties!  Don’t be “Dat Guy!” When in doubt, keep things simple.  If your wetsuit comes equipped, stash it in the car key stash pocket and surf well into the evening glass off session with confidence!!


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